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I’m looking for a technical setup, tracking & custom build highly optimized and professionally build marketing portfolio done for me from scratch to represent my values, believes and vision for my brand online.

Done With You

I’m looking to kickstart my YouTube advertising with 1 on 1 interactive step by step, structured coaching programme build to fit my availability and needs so that I can finally move forward with my business

Hi I'm Kiril

My background is in software development for British Airways, and also have extensive experience in a wide array of agency-based marketing work.

I have been building marketing pages and funnels for the last 3 years and I specialize in helping new starters just like you, set up their technical setup & tracking, making sure everything is linked and is working properly.

In the last year alone, I helped over 100 clients by completely setting up everything required for them from scratch. On average I've been able to save my clients between 1 and 2 months in technical struggles by building an entire marketing portfolio for them.

And that's what I am passionate about. In fact, you can watch some of those clients success stories here.

My real strength is my ability to truly listen, understand and connect with you.

I pride myself on my reputation of being 100% committed to your success and because of that, I am not only going to build everything from scratch for you, but I will also educate you and pass my knowledge and expertise so that you can learn and understand the big picture, or how everything works together.

If you are someone that needs technical guidance and support and you believe I could add value to you so that you can produce a positive return on your investment, I would strongly recommend you to schedule a free call with me so that we can talk more on how I can help you move forward with your business.




Claudia M.

In addition to being a very nice and a good person, Kiril is pedagogical (good teacher), responsive and on top of that, he engages and inspires confidence.


Philip C.

Kiril is 100% committed to your ???? success. He’s reliable, genuine and very knowledgeable in his field. I would trust Kiril with my life! ????


Jill D.

Kiril is an expert in technical skill and is always able to solve the issue at hand, no matter what. Nothing is ever too much for him and is always available to help.


Gareth M.

Pleasant mannered, helpful and generous with his time. Kiril is also focused, ambitious and technically savvy in his field of digital marketing, all of which have enabled him to pass on his knowledge and experience with great success to those who have sought his guidance and tuition.


Donna M.

Kiril is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. His technical skills are way above average but more importantly, he is also an excellent teacher.


Alex D.

Kind-hearted man that I see as a mentor, coach, and now, a friend. There should be more Kiril’s in this world, and if there was the world would be a better place.


Lena W.

Kiril teaches with great patience in a professional and structured way. This gives great confidence and security thanks to his knowledge of what you teach. Kiril is a very kind, humble and generous person, which shines through in all lessons.

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