Any business requires customers to visit their premises and select the products that appeal most to them. In that regard, online businesses and physical shops are the same; if your business is new, you must find a way to bring traffic your way. Whether your products are great or not, it is never easy to build a reputation and secure repeat customers. Fortunately, you can accelerate the growth of your business online if your products are great and if you know the kind of clientele that you are targeting. The following are the best ways to start a business online in the year 2019


1. Become a Digital Marketer

In 2017, approximately 95 billion dollars of Google’s 111 billion dollars in revenues came from online advertising in the form of pay-per-click ads. I am sure that you are curious about what PPC ads are, and more importantly, how companies are able to leverage PPC ads into such gargantuan revenue streams. Let’s dive into it.

PPC ads are a form of advertising in which advertisers pay publishers such as Google or the owners of the websites hosting the ads a fee every time that their ads are clicked on. Clicking on an ad redirects you to a website of the advertiser’s choice, and this is commonly referred to as the landing page of an advertisement. Once you have arrived on the landing page, there will be an inducement to perform a certain action. For example, if I click on an ad about running shoes, the landing page might be the e-commerce site of a shoe retailer, and there may be a button adjacent to an image of the shoe that allows me to purchase it. The button serves as a call to action, and depending on the nature of the product being marketed on the landing page; it may be a form, a video clip, an article, a telephone number, a location or various combinations of media that should induce me to perform a specific action. Usually, the action that the advertiser tries to induce me into performing will generate revenue for their company.


PPC Marketing Channels

PPC ads are marketed through three main channels – search, social and discovery.


  • Search

PC ads that have the same keywords as those in the search engine’s bar appear either as the first results of the search engine listing or on the sidebar of the listed results. Clicking on these ads should take you to a landing page with the exact items, or similar ones, to those you are searching for. In 2017, more than 1.2 trillion searches were performed on Google. This underscores the importance of search ads for advertisers.


  • Social


Sponsored ads appear on the newsfeed of your social media, or on the sidebar of your social media page. Ads that are posted on this medium are great at targeting audiences based on demographics, location and interests, thus yielding high-quality target audiences. It is estimated that 49 percent of 18 – 29-year-olds purchase items that they see in Facebook ads.


  • Discovery

2. YouTube Advertisement

If you start a digital business, you can benefit greatly by paying for YouTube advertisement to boost discovery by potential clients. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines, and it is made even bigger by the fact that Google owns it. People are always flocking on YouTube to learn via the tutorials it has to offer and to entertain themselves with the millions of entertainment videos available. YouTube advertising works even better because most people also go on YouTube to catch up with the news and the passing trends. A YouTube advertisement can generate a lot of traffic for a digital business that aims to be discovered.


Now that you appreciate the robust opportunity that YouTube advertisement offers any digital business out there, sell your goods and services online. You do not need a website or a fancy shop. If you are already making money by selling products, simply make YouTube videos to help you sell more than you do. You do not even have to pay for YouTube advertisement from the get-go. You can start by targeting YouTube users who are most probably looking for the type of products that you supply. How do you lead them to your video? Well, you can pay for YouTube advertisement or conduct very thorough keyword research.


3. Launch your Own Digital Business


You could be the owner of an established business with a physical address, or an aspiring entrepreneur. You do not need a physical presence to launch a digital business. You just need products of value to sell and a smart digital marketing plan. You can decide to promote your products and your brand by establishing an online presence through websites, and social media pages and addresses. For marketing purposes, you can pay for:


  • Affiliate marketing.


  • YouTube advertisement.


  • PPC campaigns.


  • Social media influencing.


  • Search Engine Optimization.


4. Offer Affiliate MarketingServices

Affiliate marketing services can help a digital business to grow its reach and clientele considerably. Affiliate marketers do everything in their power to grow their own audiences through as many channels as possible. They are not limited to the few channels that PPC ads are. However, they suffer a slight disadvantage because affiliate marketing experts are often required to generate actual sales instead of just clicks. Another disadvantage in affiliate marketing is that some advertisers swindle affiliates by failing to attribute sales to them. The important thing is to always establish very credible tracking systems and to hire near-real-time analytics reporting. Alternatively, you can just join affiliate marketing networks with high ticket commissions. Offers that come with high ticket commissions are great because they can make you pretty decent sums of cash once in every while. The smart thing to do, in such cases, is to always reinvest in more advertising. Therefore, never feel reluctant to pay for further PPC advertising.


5. Grow your Social Influence

Invest plenty of time in cultivating your social influence. People have birthdays, and you probably come across several notifications on Facebook every day. Just wishing people happy birthdays on their timelines can make you pretty popular, and popularity can help you become a business mogul pretty fast. Be more outgoing; befriend some members of the local sports teams and bands. Remember that socialites, sportsmen, musicians, actors and other celebrities earn millions in dollars just by endorsing products. Also remember that at one time, those celebrities were never famous. However, with fame, they can grow any digital business without hiring any affiliate marketing experts